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View from Maestro Office, Nov 7, 2013 (New York Stock Exchange)

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The Maestro Group is a corporate finance and strategic advisory firm that focuses on companies with proven products in domestic markets. Following the approach "benefit from the best of both worlds" Maestro, through its Corporate Wealth Matrix, applies international capital solutions to increase a company's wealth and benefit an owners' actively managed assets. more



The Maestro Group's corporate finance solution goes through Maestro's 4-Step Corporate Wealth Matrix: 1. increase your company value with an IPO, 2. access capital via road shows and active access management, 3. leverage your assets for further financing, 4. reduce costs and protect your assets with a European holding structure. more



The Maestro Group works from company offices in New York and Scottsdale, representation offices in Lima and Zurich and partners with renowned institutional and private investors from around the world to assure top-quality deal execution and leverages government resources to accomplish business expansion goals. more



The Maestro Group’s team of international experts and affiliates combines a 25-year experience in European capital markets and IPO’s in Europe, with dozens of deals from various industries and sizes successfully executed and implemented, raising millions in capital for companies through investments and sales. more